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God's Saving Grace

“For God so loved the world, 

that he gave his only Son,

that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."

How to Know Jesus - by Joyce Meyer

Are you ready for change in your life? Maybe you’ve been hurt, made some bad choices, or feel lost, and find yourself wondering, “What’s the point?”. Well, Jesus knows your pain and He wants to be there with you through everything you face. You can choose to have a relationship with Him; to accept His love and grace. It will be the best decision you ever make and change your life like nothing else!  READ MORE...


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"Our country is in great need of a spiritual awakening." - Billy Graham
Bible Verses about Evangelism
Evangelism is the promotion or act of publicly preaching the Gospel with the intention of spreading the message and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians who specialize in evangelism are often known as evangelists, whether they are in their home communities or living as missionaries in the field. This is a collection of Bible verses relating to the theme of evangelism, spreading the teachings of Jesus.  READ MORE . . . 
Bible Studies
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