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Sprouting the Word of the Week . . . . . . The Word is MICRO

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

When I think of the word ‘Micro’, my high school years come to mind. Although, I really don’t remember much about my Economics class in High School, I do remember that it wasn’t very interesting to me at that time. It seemed to me that everyone already had the economy figured out in how it should work or should not work. What could I do to add to it?

But over the years since then, I have come to realize the word Micro + Economics = Microeconomics. The definition of that is how the elements in an economy function together. An example of that would be an ATM machine, a function to draw money out of your checking account right from the front seat of your car.

The opposite of that is Macro. Macro + Economics = Macroeconomics, which is what’s happening in our world on a global basis. An example of this would be the unemployment rates.

When I think of this word ‘Micro’ in terms of people, I find that most people focus on the micro’ issues of life. Meaning most people focus on what’s happening to me today!

I get it. People are extremely busy, and their schedules are stacked up every day. I have experienced this most of my adult life too, but I have also experienced that being so busy causes many challenges that I am forced to face daily. And it has taken me a long time to learn that is not the way God intended us to live!

For instance, when my schedule is jam-packed with things I have to do like: going to work for 9-10 hours a day; making supper for my family; chores around the house that need done; checking emails & messages; getting some sort of exercise in; getting to bed at a decent hour; etc., those are all focused on me and what I need to accomplish in my day.

All that focus on myself keeps me from living in the moment with other people that come in and out of my day. I don’t see the beauty around me that lies in nature and people, and I know I would greatly miss this if it was suddenly gone!

Today’s challenges can cause a lot of discouragement. When we are focused to participate in our challenging issues from day to day, it leaves little room to focus on any other person. This is where the word ‘micro’ comes in. Our vision can be on ourselves most of the time, and then we often are quick to get angry when we are not getting the attention from others that we expect. But sometimes, we haven’t slowed down long enough for someone to give us that attention.

I have learned that the best way to be miserable is to constantly focus on myself. Now, I’m not saying not to take care of yourself, I’m just talking about misery comes from having the mindset of thinking this world revolves around me, my agenda is the most important and all things should be happening according to the way I want them to happen. And don’t forget about my entitlement of "what’s in it all for me"!

One way to solve this dilemma and end misery is to extend your hand to someone or something else. It is quite satisfying to help someone who would least expect the help, give a gift to someone anonymously, or to volunteer at some community event for the good of someone else.


I think this is a very big area where Satan, the prince of darkness takes full advantage of those who are not aware. This is called Spiritual Warfare. Spiritual Warfare is the conflict between the kingdom of darkness that Satan rules, and the Kingdom of Light that God rules.

Satan is not very happy about what Jesus Christ accomplished when He walked this Earth. Jesus was God in the flesh, and He came to show us how to love and care for each other. Jesus was human at the same time He was God, so He knows firsthand how we feel.

Jesus made time for Himself in order to get the rest He needed, but most of His ministry was dedicated to making Himself available to others. He did not pick and choose who He talked to or who He spent time with, it was whomever came across His path that day.

Jesus did not have micro vision. He was a great example of someone who had His priorities in-line and making sure He accomplished the most important things each day.

Satan’s main goal is to destroy us by discouragement. When we are so busy, we get overly tired and this is an entrance for attack. Satan usually does this first by attacking our mind. We start to doubt God’s promises, God’s goodness, God’s unending love, and His total forgiveness. When Satan attacks us, it is to destroy our trust in God, and he does that with pain and uncontrolled circumstances. Satan has been trying to make God look bad from the first book of Genesis 3 to the last book of Revelation 20.

But rest assured dear ones, that even though Satan is given temporary freedom to oppose the things of God in our world, we can still win every Spiritual battle. Because of Christ’s Birth, His death and His Resurrected life, HE will destroy Satan. God has given us HIS promises and HIS power to win! (1 Corinthians 10:13).

So, guard your mind and your heart, and stick with the truth. Put your trust in God and give Him your daily schedule. Ask Him to bless your time today and show you what He wants you to accomplish. You will be amazed at how much you will get done from one day to the other and feel good about it when you have your priorities in place.


Let’s stand together firmly in the Truth of God’s Word

so we will not be a victim of Satan’s lies.


1 Corinthians 10:13 New International Version (NIV)

13 No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.


Let Us Pray

Dear Father God,

Please guard our hearts from evil and our minds from anything that is not of YOU. We ask You to show us what we should be doing every day that will bring Glory to You. Your agenda is much better than our own. We know that we are protected under the blood of Jesus Christ if we know HIM as our Savior. If there is anyone who doesn’t know Jesus that is reading these words today, please show Yourself to them and help them to believe! Thank you, Father, for You are awesome! AMEN

Sprouts Flickinger


Bio: Sprouts Flickinger is a dear friend and contributing writer for the Warriors for the Innocent.  She has come by this name of "Sprouts" from her childhood.  By the time she was 12 years old, she was 5’10” tall and it was said that she was sprouting an inch a day!  As an adult, Sprouts finds things in the world every day that enlightens her imagination or she finds very fascinating. Out of this, she sprouts new ideas and questions that she likes to research and share with others.  She loves to share her faith in God.  So you will find that she combines the ideas and questions with her faith in much of her writing. 

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