Migration Children - A Global Crisis

Updated: Jun 27

It really doesn’t matter what your political leanings are, nor does it matter where on the globe you live. The fact remains, there are millions of migrant children crossing borders on every continent, at every border-line conceivable.

There is more involved than just the numbers (which deviate depending upon the data reported). Current estimates are that there are 272 million international migrants globally (or 3.5% of the world’s population).

World Migration Report 2020

Global Migration by the Numbers

Migration Policy Institute Statistics

Characteristics of the U.S. foreign-born population: 1960-2018

International Migration Law

Humanity has always been on the move and has now become a global crisis, as stated by the World Economic Forum. The world needs to understand how to manage it because as long as “the grass is greener on the other side”, there will be the pursuit of happiness. Immigration to seek asylum and escape violence is not the issue in this article. Rather, it begs the question –

What happens to all the migrant children who arrived to “promised land”? Where, exactly, do the they end up? Child migration is a significant contemporary phenomenon as stated in the World Migration Report 2020: Chapter 8 - Children and Unsafe Migration.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Southwest Land Border Encounters – Reports quarterly updates with the ability to filter data for specific information. There is no doubt the United States needs a plan to fix the crisis.

Now that the world’s attention is on the southwest border of Mexico and the United States, this is a reminder that children are suffering in unimaginable ways.

Not every child ends up in a loving home.

Yet, too often migrant and displaced children face numerous challenges in transit, at destination and upon return, often because they have few – or no – options to move through safe and regular pathways whether on their own or with their families. They may be forced into child labour, pressed into early marriage, exposed to aggravated smuggling, subjected to human trafficking, and put at risk of violence and exploitation or. They often miss out on education and proper medical care, and don’t find it easy to feel at home in the communities they arrive in; trying to learn a new language and fit into a new culture can make things especially hard. These difficulties have lasting physical and psychological effects and can prevent children on the move from reaching their full potential. READ MORE


Questions to ask:

Who are the frontline warriors for migrant children?

What can society do to help these children?


May the light continue to shine upon the darkness,

calling out the crimes against the children ~ The Innocent.


Migrant Children Home Page

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