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Meet Jaco Booyens - Frontline Warrior

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Jaco is a Falkirk Fellow of Liberty University and the president and CEO of the film company, After Eden Pictures.

Jaco directed and produced the feature film, 8 DAYS, to raise awareness about the reality of Sex Trafficking in the United States and is the founder of SHAREtogether, a non-profit organization fighting against the global crisis of Sex Trafficking.

0:59 how Jaco got involved

2:02 noticing trends and prevalent in US

2:21 it is in our country, it’s in every zip code

2:32 real problem because it produces real capital

2:44 what to look for

4:09 30% of the kids in our foster care system are being trafficked

5:03 if you can not defend children, you’ve lost your nation

Don’t Disconnect! Don’t turn away! Don’t disengage!



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Warriors for the Innocent

Fight for our children


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