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"I stood on the ashes of human beings"

From CSI

Posted November 9, 2022

Christians in Nigeria continue to be massacred despite pleas to the Biden Administration and United Nations

For months, Christian Solidarity International has been urging the United Nations to fulfill its mandate to prevent genocide in Nigeria. In the past month, another 150 Christians have been killed in separate attacks across the Benue State, according to youth leader Daniel Adakole. READ MORE . . .

From CBN News

Posted December 7, 2022

Religious freedom advocates are "outraged" and confounded after the Biden administration again declined to add Nigeria to the U.S. Department of State's Countries of Particular Concern list, a designation targeting nations restricting or complicit in religious freedom violations. Joel Veldkamp, head of international communications at persecution watchdog Christian Solidarity International (CSI), has been among those urging the State Department to reclassify Nigeria as a nation violating residents' religious liberty – but to no avail. Veldkamp told CBN's Faithwire the Biden administration's decision to ignore international outcry over the matter is stunning, particularly in light of the deadly assaults unfolding against Christians in Nigeria daily. "It's not an exaggeration," he said. "Every week, Christians are being killed in this country."

Veldkamp shared how the release of the current Countries of Particular Concern was dropped on Friday afternoon, noting this is how "Washington killed news" by burying it at a time when fewer people are paying attention. Tragically, Veldkamp said he had spent the days before the release speaking with priests in Nigeria who witnessed and experienced the unthinkable. "Earlier in the week. I had talked to two different priests from two different states in Nigeria. Really one is in the middle of the country, and one is in the deep south of the country," he said. "One priest... had just visited a village where 20 Christians were killed the week before. He met a father who saw four of his children killed in front of his eyes." This same priest met another mother and father who lost one of their children and saw homes being burned. One of those interview subjects said, "I stood on the ashes of human beings." Watch Veldkamp explain the ordeal.


CSI Nigeria Report

What happens if you are accused of blasphemy in Nigeria?

Nov 14, 2022

A Nigerian husband desperate for help recently revealed that his wife and the mother of his five children was reportedly arrested in May and remains behind bars with no justice in sight. Rhoda Ya’u Jatau, a Christian nurse from northern Nigeria, was detained on blasphemy charges, according to Joel Veldkamp, head of international communications at persecution watchdog Christian Solidarity International (CSI). "She's in prison for for blasphemy," Veldkamp said, noting she was arrested after sharing video of a Muslim man speaking out against the stoning of a Christian woman named Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu.

As Faithwire previously reported, Yakubu, a 25-year-old Christian college student, was stoned last May by Muslims after claims she, too, was accused of blasphemy. "[Deborah's story] was big news in Nigeria and lots of people were sharing their opinions about it and ... a Muslim person in Ghana, a neighboring country, made a video saying, 'This murder was terrible,'" Veldkamp explained. "Deborah should never have been murdered and this Nigerian Christian woman named "Rhoda shared that video, and then she herself was accused of blasphemy for sharing the video saying that Deborah should not have been murdered." Blasphemy charges could end up stemming from any accusation, Veldkamp said. Watch him explain the ordeal.


On 12 May 2022, Deborah Samuel Yakubu, a university student in Sokoto, was murdered by a mob after being accused of blasphemy.

A young woman in Nigeria was reportedly stoned to death and her body beaten and burned after she was falsely accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, a student at Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto, Nigeria, was brutally murdered on May 12, with the violent attack purportedly being filmed and shared on social media. "We have videos, we have photos which I've seen, unfortunately," Joel Veldkamp, head of international communications at persecution watchdog Christian Solidarity International, told CBN's Faithwire. Veldkamp, who stated details on the deadly attack are still being pieced together, said Yakubu, a Christian, was the head of a Christian fellowship organization at the university. Hear him share the details of the tragic story.

For more information from the CSI Nigerian Report, READ MORE . . .


Pray for the Frontline Warriors

Christian Solidarity International (CSI)

CSI is an international Christian human rights organization, campaigning for religious liberty and human dignity, and assisting victims of religious persecution, victimized children and victims of catastrophe. CSI delivers emergency food assistance, medical treatment, and other lifesaving aid to victims of religious persecution and natural disasters in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Nigeria, South Sudan, Pakistan, and other hotspots around the globe.”


Map showing states afflicted the most by religious conflict (CSI)



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