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Human smuggler (or coyote) vs Human traffickers

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), human smugglers are not the same as human traffickers. Human smuggling involves the voluntary intention to get yourself smuggled across international borders, and a smuggler or coyote, is your facilitator. Human trafficking, on the other hand, is the transportation of people with the purpose of selling them or exploiting them in forced prostitution and other forms of labor. In trafficking, people are usually held against their consent. READ MORE

A coyote or pollero is someone who specializes in human smuggling, bringing people across the United States border from Mexico. READ MORE


Listen to this compelling story of a boy who travelled from Honduras to the U.S. by coyotes. He shares why he had to escape his country and his story is not unique. Find out why the journey can be deadly. Reported in 2014 – Obama administration.

Remember, this is a global crisis and crosses all world governments.


Trafficking or Smuggler . . . What do you think?


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