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Updated: Dec 11, 2021


I lost my son for 4 years had no money had a terrible terrible public defender court appointed attorney that wanted me to lose. I got rid of her I studied family law all by myself and represented myself for 4 long very very long 4 years in court and won.

Now I'm an advocate and refuse to charge anyone ❤️❤️😀😀😀

If u want help reach out to me ❤️❤️

From pain to purpose anyone is truly truly welcome to pm me 518-210-4081

And NO NO I don't charge for my help❤️❤️❤️


Sarah Sarah As I've introduced myself.

I am an advocate have been for some years now. I have personally gone through the experience of losing my child to DCFS. I lost my son for 4 very very long 4 years due to Spanish Mongolian birth marks. I fought the bullying the defamation of character the false accusations the false allegations I fought the stigma of PTSD they tried to use my PTSD against me when the bruises were documented and verified and confirmed as birth marks by the pediatrician. I have PTSD because I was born raised grew up in Romania under communism and under a communist dictatorship the dictator was Nicolae Ceaușescu. I was sex trafficked. I was a sex mule. I laid on my birth mother as she died when I was only one yr old. I was given up to the state orphanage of Romania under the control of nicolae the communist dictator. It was during the cold war. the communist army of nicolae was actually the rape menstrual police raping every female to impregnate in order to create nicolae State army. Romania was a third world country under extreme poverty and communism and dictatorship. I was forced into sex slavery I was forced into being a sex mule or be murdered. Anyway I was adopted 4 yrs later. I was in the American foster care system under the American famous CPS in the American family court. My adopted family tortured and abused me rejected hated despised loathed exiled me treated me as vile refuse trash.

Anyhoo went through more extensive heavy years of rape and molestation in America and domestic violence as well. I had murder three different times by three different people attempted on me. I grew up struggling so bad with suicide bc of the years and years of being a forced sex mule being forced into sex slavery.

The rejection and neglect and abandonment and confusion as well from the sexual trauma all ate at me so I would attempt suicide so hard for enough years that I earned a 4 yes a 4 year lockdown stay in two suicide psychiatric hospital wards. I would burn And cut and heavily attempt suicide to where I'd be soaking my bed clothes and car in my blood on an average regular day of wanting to die. So then on this I have my son taken from me on false accusations and lies and false allegations all proven to be lies by multiple pediatricians. I had no money my court appointed public defender utterly utterly wanted me to lose so I instantly dropped her and chose deliberately I chose purposely I chose intentionally to represent myself pro se. I was fighting for 4 years and won. They tried to tpr me I took them to trial bc I knew I was innocent I had nothing to hide and I wanted to say my piece on the witness stand.

4:30 night before termination trial my caseworker a. folded and b. quit, or got fired bc I had been stacking evidence on my side on my innocence and she was intimated that I wouldn't fold in fear towards her and found another job and decided to give me my son back. I was violated and purposely refused negotiating and said I will follow all the way through with your desire to have termination trial on me so I could say my piece in court bc I already knew the judge would see my innocence. Her supervisor the morning of trial said we want to give her her son back.

I have full legal and full physical permanently whole legal custody. I have 3 cats and I love love love playing piano. I will help anyone no matter what their situation is. I do believe in Jesus He sure helped me when everyone else left me stranded high and dry up shits Creek with no paddle only me and Jesus and my husband and we fought and won. I refuse refuse to charge for my help so don't worry. I have done years of mental health training and about 15 years and counting of nursing home hospice Alzheimer's geriatric live in home health care and nursing home care I went to college for mortuary science and was one semester shy of sitting for my dual my State license in funeral directing when I had to drop out due to uttttter uttttter torture I was receiving from the adopted home I was living in. Anyway that's a little about me. If you feel safe reach out to me and let me share courage hope bravery into ur situation. I am very forensically analytically oriented in my mindset so I'm really good at being able to see how the department attacks bc a I lived it for 4 yrs before I won bc it took me 4.yrs to teach myself family law and b I studied CPS DCFS up close and personal while fighting and successfully thank God winning my own son's court case. I bring training and heart and soul experience to the table and I want to help other hurting families.

Schedule Appointment

As I explained I absolutely absolutely absolutely refuse refuse to charge for my advocacy support services.

If you want to chat with me about your CPS DCFS family court case schedule an appointment with me. I let my families schedule instead of me scheduling bc you know ur schedule better than I do.

I have years years of experience with DCFS on a personal level but successfully won after representing myself. I literally lived it with my own son.

Paperwork equals treasure hunt treasure map that holds the clues I'm blessed to know how to find the clues and x marks the spot. The paperwork was my treasure map that literally literally literally was how I represented myself and got my kid back after 4 4 yrs with no attorney.

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