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Featured Warrior, Cat Hoffman

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

A big THANK YOU to Cat Hoffman for her courage to fight back against crimes of child abuse and speak out against those who are in control of our courts to DO SOMETHING about it - - but DON'T.

So, Cat started a petition to recall Judge Douglas Hogan.

What is the Petition

5/16/2020 - Update on the Petition

5/19/2020 - Next Steps

What is the crime

Admitted pedophile Tech CEO Douglas Saltsman plead guilty for possessing more than 13,000 files of graphic child pornography, which involved rape and bestiality with children under the age of 8, including toddlers. Also found were videos of Saltsman having sex with unconscious women.


· 279 submitted files depicted known identified child victims [NCME]

· Unconscious women, raped [in-home drug lab]

· ICAC assisted in search

· Founder of now-defunct blockchain and cryptocurrency

Where is the justice? Certainly not with Judge Douglas Hogan.

Sentence = 210 days in jail and 48 months probation


A Note from Cat ~

Thank you so much for your support! Everyone who has signed has taken on the role of advocate for those children and there are not words to fully describe my gratitude. You are more than welcome to feature the petition on your website!
Warmest wishes
Cathy Hoffman



Let us lift up our voices in unity straight to the throne room of God as we pray for the victims



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