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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

This is About a Sense of Urgency

Welcome to our site ~ a place to network as we fight crimes and violence against children.

This site is ad-free and not monetized.

No annoying pop-ups for a more enjoyable user experience.

This platform provides a "who's who" directory of organizations that are the true warriors for children all over the world.

These are experts who rescue, advocate, provides support, healing and recovery. Access their links to find valuable information based upon your needs.

There are many wonderful organizations and communities coming together to tackle the issue of human trafficking.

We call them our frontline warriors.

Within these pages are resources, survivor stories, tips on safety and places of healing.

We quickly discovered that human trafficking was just a part of the world-wide crimes against children. Society is plagued with missing children, legal kidnapping, eugenics and abortion. Sadly, corruption fills the social, justice and political systems and innocent children are caught in the jaw of these traps from CPS/DHHS/DSS to foster care. Of course, there are valid concerns and cases where child protection is vital.

The "Me too" movement exploded on the scene, but as censorship increased, many stories have disappeared. The entertainment industry and the disillusions of Hollywood shattered and exploited dreams, compromised souls, and ruled by fear and despair. We humbly thank those who have come forward to expose the heartbreaking abuse.

Did you know the Yemeni Civil War has the highest rate of child soldiers globally, accounting for more than 80% of the world's children employed in conflict. As many as 50,000 young boys and girls as young as 10 years old are responsible for manning checkpoints, providing logistical support and even fighting on the front lines. There is a global crisis with migrant children, not just the U.S.-Mexico border. It. Is. Everywhere.

It is time to fight for our children as a world-wide community.

We have also included links to valuable tools and resources related to all of the above-mentioned topics. These organizations have a wide range of resources available to you.

Every child deserves protection, support and services, respect and love.


This is a Christian website where you will find videos, articles and links about God and His word.

There is pure darkness behind the global attacks against our children. Listen, each of us battles a common enemy. There is a connection to all of this. Can you see it?

Where does their help come from? It comes from YOU. This may all seem daunting, as if it is too big to tackle. Let us remind you, our God is bigger! With your prayers and His mighty power, nothing is impossible! Let us also remind you, that we are dealing with intelligent evil, and if you agree to take up the sword and fight, you will be attacked. But as a wonderful lady said,

"Sometimes, in order to be obedient to Jesus, you have to pray for the grace to be hated ... the grace to be mocked and pray for the grace to be secure enough in who God made you to be to take it!" ~ Gianna Jessen

Share what you or your community is doing to stop the exploitation of children.

Read - Learn - Share


Let us encourage you today and

remind you of who your God is . . .


Heavenly Father, Creator of all things,

guide my steps along life's path.

Create in me a sense of urgency.

The courage to tell your story

and strength to withstand

the battles before us.


Warriors for the Innocent is not an expert, but a relayer of information. The information on this website is sourced from public records and submission by organizations. It is provided for informational purposes only. Use of this information is the exclusive responsibility of the user. Users are expected to independently assess the information, organizations, and services offered.

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