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Punished 4 Protecting

P4P actively promotes families and their rights. We educate parents through legal and child welfare endowments, trauma counseling, safe housing, and other support services.

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Information and support for families facing false accusations of child abuse or neglect

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Family Law Advocate

Mary Hoftiezer Zogg

(Orlando): 321-209-1878

501 North Magnolia Avenue,
Orlando, Florida 32801

(Ft Lauderdale): 954-703-0005



We envision communities that are free from injustice, family policing and separation, and a society that is cultivating new ways of preventing and addressing harm. We imagine a radical commitment to ensuring that all families have what they need to live beyond survival and truly thrive.

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Parental Rights

Class Action

Have you been victimized in and/or by any family court? 

Then you've arrived at the right place to regain justice

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Courtroom Chairs

Jury Trial Rights for Parents

Raise Your Rights

This is an active California ballot measure to allow parents involved in a custody trial or termination of parental rights, the option to a jury to decide the facts instead of a judge. 

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Dismantling Family Court Corruption

Once a Registered Nurse with a happy family, I soon found myself fending off back to back accusations of Child Abuse while losing my children to a biased Family Court system which eventually led to Parental Alienation. I became a Pro Se Litigant appealing to Superior Court with a victory that proved life saving.

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Family Preservation Foundation

Provides free legal assistance and support, while defending the rights of children and families that were being traumatized by the government due to family separation. 

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If you have an emergency dependency hearing with Child Protective Services (CPS) or Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), attorney Vincent W. Davis will prepare the necessary legal paperwork and be ready to help you on very short notice.

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CPS Attorney Rolodex helps to unite your family by connecting you to the best attorney in the United States in order to represent you in court.

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