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This platform provides a directory of organizations that are the true warriors who rescue, advocate and provides support, healing and recovery for exploited children.  Oh, and there is much more . . .

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Awareness pages

A good warrior learns who their enemy is and their tactics
This site is heavy-laden with images and, yeah, it looks better on a computer monitor than a mobile device.  Please be patient if uploads take more seconds than you are use to ~
Warriors for the Innocent is not an expert, but a relayer of information.  The information on this website is sourced from public records and submission by organizations. It is provided for informational purposes only. Use of this information is the exclusive responsibility of the user. Users are expected to independently assess the information, organizations, and services offered.

Share what your community is doing to stop the exploitation of children

As quick as a link is added, it can be broken. Let us know if you see one!
If your organization is not listed or if you would like to update information, please contact us at
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